Monday, 26 August 2013

Lamha Tera Mera..

Last Tuesday when I logged in my twitter account I saw a tweet about a new song from Raeth and I quickly opened the link. I already like Bhula Do and Tum Meri Ho which are famous songs of the Raeth Band but this time it was not from their album but a Bollywood movie. 

I am talking about Lamha Tera Mera from Zanjeer (2013) picturised on Priyanka Chopra and Ram Charan. The song is written by Manoj Yadav, Music is by Chirantan Bhatt. It is sung by Wajhi Farooki (Vocalist of Raeth) and Palak Muchhal.

I am not a die hard fan of anyone in the world but when I genuinely like something, I don't forget to appreciate it. Honestly, I have been listening to this song since 5 days continuously. One reason is ofcourse the music, second reason is the beautiful voices and third is the amazing video. The song is soooo sweetly done that I loved it when I saw it for the first time. I want my partner to be somewhat this way, always around me, making me feel special even in the low times, accepting me the way I am but still loving me unconditionally. He should be such that I can be ME with him without caring about anything else in the world.  

Now read the Lyrics and watch the Video : 

Tum aur hum jo saath hain
Khushnumaa ehsaas hai
Sab kuch naya kyun iss tarah lagne lagaa..

Hum aur tum jo saath hain
Kya kahein kya baat hai
Har pal mein tu
Haan tu hi tu
Milne lagaa..

Kya hai ye?
Kya ye pyaar hai?
Hum ko hua ye pehli baar hai
Jo bhi hai, tere saath hai
Ye lamha tera mera..

Aankhon ne pehna chehra tera
Dhadkan ne odhi khushboo teri (x2)

Jee rahi hoon main har pal ab aahat teri
Dikh rahi hoon main mujh mein bas chaahat teri
Aisa asar hai tera..

Ye toh hai, ye toh pyar hai
Humko hua ye pehli baar hai
Jo bhi hai, tere saath hai
Har lamha tera mera
Har lamha tera mera, hum dono jaisa
Har lamha tera mera, mohabatton sa
Har lamha tera mera..

Friday, 23 August 2013

A Romance with Chaos..

Yes.! You read it right. These days Romancing is everyone's cup of tea but hardly or rarely anyone will like to romance with chaos in their lives. A Romance with Chaos is the name of the novel written by Nishant Kaushik. The title is little similar to my present situation in life and that was one of the reason I bought it. Moreover I have been following Nishant on twitter and his nice, humorous tweets were also a reason for buying his novel.

The story revolves around the main character Nakul Kapoor who manages to fetch a decent job with a famous company Bytesphere in Mumbai. It tells about Nakul’s childhood, crush, friends, family, love, job, work and the challenges he faces in his simple yet complex life. He has loving parents who wish to see him married and get settled in life.  He has a sweet sister Tisya Kapoor who often complains that being in the same city her brother never comes to meet her and spend time with her family. He has a girlfriend, Kavya a budding fashion designer who wants him to earn more otherwise she won’t be able to buy a Gucci Dress.  He has a colleague, Vishal Tiwari who is a dear friend and whose wife wants Nakul to help her husband to excel at professional front. He has a boss, Chirayu Chaudary who wants him to work without any acknowledgement. Thus, He finds himself in such a cobweb that he cannot come out of it but then something happens that teaches him life's greatest lessons.

Things I liked in the Novel

The way the Nakul Kapoor introduces/describes himself in Chapter 1 is hilarious but very close to reality too. Then in Chapter 4 comes the cutest character of the novel Kohinoor Pratap Kesari, not that he is actually cute but he is so innocent that he won't ever understand what manipulation, cheating or politics mean. 

Nakul needed a roommate to share the rent & Kohinoor needed  a house to live so they both stay together which can be better termed as Morning and Night together or North Pole and South Pole together! They both are so different in nature that their conflicts make you laugh. 

Chapter 14 was an eye opener that explains how someone you trust can only break your trust. When Nakul was all set to travel London for an onsite project it was Vishal who requested Chirayu not to call him onsite. Though Nakul was embarrassed that he had to return from the airport, he did not give up and tackled the situation well.

Chapter 15 has sketches made by Payal (who is Nakul's parents choice for Nakul's better-half). I really liked the idea, how the author molded those sketches to fit them with the story. I am sure everyone will find some similarities in their life and the sketches.

In further chapters the story takes a beautiful turn and the person who never believed in Social Service starts and heads a campaign taking everyone together. My Favorite is the last chapter "The World isn't a Supermarket" in which Nakul gets Young Achiever of the Year award which he dreamt in the very beginning. He delivers an amazing speech. 

I hope like Nakul everyone will be able to find that "X element" that can make them happy. I would like to end the post with a sweet text that Kohinoor sent Nakul just to cheer him up :  
Let your smile be brighter than the sun, So that even your worries have to face the glare before they face you.

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